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Liven up your leadership in December…

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So this is Christmas… and what have you done?

Everyday leadership is all about tuning in on the day-to-day leadership opportunities, i.e. those instances, where deliveries fall short of deadlines, where a team asks for your help, or where a person does not ask anything but simply looks desperate while telling you he or she is just slightly behind schedule, etc.

With the Christmas holidays coming up all over the western world, however, it is common that everybody are running very fast to get a full month’s work done in just three weeks. 

For the leader this is a time, where the risk of losing sight of the everyday leadership is imminent. Yet it is also the best time ever to BE a leader = to notice the leadership opportunities and be willing to act upon them.

No matter how minuscule in duration because of the work pressure, your attention to listen, give praise, willingness to give feedback – rather than postponing those things to January, is invaluable. Each instance sends a clear message to your staff that you are shouldering your leadership responsibilities even when you are all short of time!

Please, therefore – take just five minutes now – to write two things, which you will do every day of this December to liven up your leadership instead of parking it on your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2011.

 Moreover, if you want to share your thoughts as comments on this blog or by joining the LinkedIn discussion group, do not hesitate. All of us out there who are engaged in everyday leadership can benefit from your inspiration. Click on the link in the right hand column to join the LinkedIn group.


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  1. Velkommen i min labtop. Jeg har ikke noget lederskab, ud over den som gælder mig selv og mit Sundstrategi. Jeg vil dog allerede i december bruge en del tid til at tænke på hvilke / hvilken vej mit arbejde skal bevæge sig i 2011. Der for vil jeg 1) Nyde december og al den tid jeg har. 2) Jeg vil gøre status for de 3 første år med Sundstrategi = hvad har været godt og hvad har været til at undvære? God jul og Godt nytår


    Peter Schultz

    December 7, 2010 at 07:17

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