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How many everyday leadership opportunities did you catch (or miss) since January 1st?

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As a leader, you must seize the leadership opportunities and act upon them.

You do so by making yourself aware of the primary leadership deliverables, so that your internal radar will notice when some piece of information or interaction among your staff requires your attention as particularly good, in need of your encouragement or course-correction.

You must not necessarily catch and take action on every leadership opportunity the very second it occurs.

However, an opportunity not caught is lost, and if you remain unconscious about the tens and hundreds of leadership opportunities, which you will encounter during a normal week or month – then you are losing not only those specific opportunities to contribute to your staff’s performance. You will be on the way to lose your leadership altogether. If you never or too rarely notice and intervene with direction, support or course-corrections, your staff will stop counting on you for leadership and only call for your assistance when all else has failed.

So take a moment, right now. Look back to when you came back after the New Year’s holidays and take stock: how many times have you already noticed some interaction, wondered if the people involved were on the right track? And how many times did you intervene?





10 or more?

Now, please write a note to yourself or share a comment on this blog about it.

You may also participate in the LinkedIn poll on the subject: http://linkd.in/f35EuH

By spending the minute, I suggest, you may course-correct yourself and set out to make 2011 the year, when your everyday leadership becomes conscious and visible.

Conscious effort is always the first step toward mastery – and awareness is the first step toward conscious effort!

My wish for 2011 is that all the men and women who have taken up the challenge of being exceptional everyday leaders will get the recognition they deserve!


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