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Springtime – in everyday leadership?

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On the northern hemisphere, where I live, it is still bitterly cold, but nonetheless – no doubt about it – Spring is here!

The sun is up before my alarm bell sounds, and even with temperatures still lingering below zero, we begin to sense the warmth of the sunrays. And we’re all ecstatic.

Now in the North, we don’t go about shouting out our joy: instead, when we meet friends or colleagues, we look up at each other, nod ever so slightly  and quietly say: “The sun is gaining power” or ”Isn’t there a distinct sense of Spring in the air today”. But do not be mistaken. WE ARE ECSTATIC.

If everyday leadership could be compared to the sun, what season is it for the people who YOU lead?

Is the sun gaining power?

Are they able to enjoy that you are gradually stepping up your presence and attention to the everyday leadership opportunities?

Do they see you covering the entire ground of your leadership role?

Or do they experience eternal winter?

To be an everyday leader requires only two things: that you accept your roles and responsibilities vs your company and that you accept your roles and responsibilities vs your staff.

Fortunately the two are identical. By mastering your responsibilities vs your staff you are at the same time fulfilling your company’s requirements of you in relation to everyday leadership.

 In my terminology these responsibilities consist of seven roles and four styles. 

7 roles

4 styles

Strategy Deployer

Organisation Developer

Knowledge Manager

Team Builder

Career Developer

Decision Enabler

Performance Generator





7 areas of responsibility that together add up to a job description…Leaders must understand and pay attention to all 7 roles in order to cover the entire ground of their job.   4 different ways in which I as a leader can relate to my staff…Different styles reflect different intentions. Leaders must master and apply them all.    

Source: Direct Leadership – the new narrative of everyday leadership

(soon available on Amazon, until then, please write to me)

What does not appear from the table above, however, is that the style of CATCHER plays a pivotal role in the dynamic of the model, because you use it to seize THE LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES which are there all the time, but only become clear when you understand the seven roles.

Gradually catching more and more of the everyday leadership opportunities (and then acting upon them in one of the remaining three styles) compares to the sun gaining power in Springtime!

The more you do, the more you will shine. 

The more you shine, the more your staff will be ecstatic about your leadership, and eventually the more life around you will thrive and bear fruit!

Don’t skip a season. Start shining even ever so faintly now, and you will soon harvest the fruits of the change process you have initiated.


Written by Karin Zastrow

March 8, 2011 at 11:31

Posted in Misc

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