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Leadership and mushroom hunting

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Where I live the mushroom picking season has arrived. All the various edible mushrooms seem to shoot out of the ground when the humidity and temperature is right, grow ready to be picked in just a few days and then just as quickly decay and go to waste.

The other day after a successful mushroom hunt the resemblance between mushroom hunting and everyday leadership struck me.

Initially, you need to have an idea of the main species you are looking for (and which ones you want to avoid). And then the main thing is to BE THERE and get your eyes properly focused to see them, when they have emerged and are just ready to be picked.

Everyday Direct Leadership is no different. You have to know what you are looking for – i.e. the leadership roles/your main areas of responsibility in relation to your staff. And then you need to make your way to where the leadership opportunities come ”out of the ground”.

In both cases, you will not necessarily pick every emerging specimen. Some may be too small, others may be too old. You want the ones that are just right.

And once you have harvested, you need to quickly decide what kind of action to take.

When talking about mushrooms you must decide between drying for later usage and preparing at once.

When you have harvested or caught a leadership opportunity – a situation in which you want to make a leadership intervention – the choice is between the initiator-, coach- or referee approach. Do you want to install a change or a remedy of your own making, develop your staff’s own competencies or course correct by giving your assessment of the case before you?

Are you aware of what you want to catch? If so, I suggest you make time this week to put yourself in a place to notice the mushrooms.


Written by Karin Zastrow

September 4, 2011 at 22:27

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