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Everyday leadership in Scandinavia and Asia?

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Some people ask. Others simply question that a leadership model developed in Scandinavia can be applicable as far away from ”home” as in China or for that matter further away than Northern Europe.

When it comes to everyday leadership, however, two different trends seem to move all the worlds’ workplaces in the same direction when it comes to leader-employee interaction:

a) an ever-increasing proportion of the workforce is well-educated
b) both B2B and consumer business are increasingly client driven, which means that more and more employees must be empowered to use some amount of discretion when providing a product or service to a client.

Consequently, whatever the old day-to-day leadership model was, in a particular field or region of the world, it is now obsolete.

Today’s modern workplace needs a modern approach to everyday leadership. In the same way that employees must use their discretion from case to case, leaders must do so and understand that leadership has become truly situational.

No leader can afford to only know one leadership style and apply it in all situations. As a minimum he or she must know and distinguish between the four styles of Direct Leadership: The Catcher style for noticing the leadership opportunities, and the Initiator, Coach or Referee styles for taking proper and discretionary action.

Finally, to catch the leadership opportunities as they emerge, it is necessary that the themes, which must be covered in leader-employee interaction are on every leader’s radar. This too is described in the Direct Leadership model.

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Written by Karin Zastrow

September 20, 2011 at 14:52

Posted in Misc

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