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Do you need to get back in the everyday leadership saddle?

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In January I signed up for a workshop – sort of a pep talk about how to stay focused on what is really important in life and business. Unfortunately it turned out to be overbooked.

But then the lecturer wrote to me: Why don’t you go for the February workshop instead? And he continued. In January everybody still remember their new year’s resolutions. In February we start to drop off a bit. And that is the time we really need to hold on to whatever it was we decided we wanted to do differently this year instead to giving in to resignation and the slight embarrassment that this is happening.

Is he right?
Is this also happening to you?
If you read this blog, I assume you are dedicated to improving your everyday leadership, right?

Well, the good news are, that it is never too late and it only requires very little effort to get back in the saddle, when it comes to demonstrating everyday leadership.

All it takes is some conscious attention to one or more of the seven areas, which define your everyday leadership: strategy deployment, organisation development, knowledge management, team building, career management, decision processes, and performance.

For instance, you could choose the next staff meeting to initiate a review of your units knowledge sharing and management. Maybe you could spend the month of March on the review and then together decide if any changes are needed.

Maybe, after you have launched the review, you will take the approach of limiting yourself to coaching your staff’s exploration of the topic.

Or maybe you prefer to think the review process through beforehand and lay out the steps and the structure you want to follow.

Or maybe you find it more appropriate to pick another topic?

The choice of role and style is entirely yours. ? As long as you pick one of the seven above mentioned themes (which are identical with the seven Direct Leadership roles, you are right on track to showing your staff that you are in fact a leader who takes the job of leading seriously.

Try it – and tell me how it goes.


Written by Karin Zastrow

February 22, 2012 at 11:48

Posted in Misc

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  1. Taking time to do this is a must and is likely to generate a massive return on investment – thanks Karin



    February 22, 2012 at 13:13

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