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Hooray! We are no longer alone.

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Hooray! We are no longer alone in arguing that leaders need to understand their roles.

Last Friday I received no less than three different certified Direct Leadership trainers forwarded some blog posts to me, that they felt I should see, because the authors suggested – just like I do – that leaders need to master several different roles.
One article – referring to Danish authors Dorte Cohr Lützen and Birgitte Lønborg – starts by stating that because leaders often get promoted into leadership without getting a clear job description, they may need to define their own. The other article – which quotes Mike Green, Katja Kruckeberg & Wolfgang Amann – also argues that leaders need to define their own roles. Their argument, however, is that the constant change in business life is the reason that makes this approach necessary.

Without having read more than these articles yet, I am truly pleased that there are now more of us, who try to lend a hand to all those people, who get promoted because they stand out from the crowd as high performers – only to be left to sink or swim as leaders.

In the Direct Leadership™ model the seven roles are areas of responsibility, which must always be on the leader’s radar, so that (s)he will notice them when the employees ”come knocking on their manager’s door”. Otherwise the leader will not catch the leadership opportunities that occur throughout the work week, but will fail to step up to his/her responsibility and ”deliver leadership”.

This implies that where most models use the term role to define various action positions. Direct Leadership separates the awareness of a particular cluster of responsibilities from the choice of action style. And to create the connection between awareness of one’s leadership roles and taking action we have introduced the notion of ”leadership opportunities”.

UNDERSTANDING the           7 roles:

Strategy Deployer

Organisation Developer

Knowledge Manager

Team Builder

Career Developer

Decision Enabler

Performance Generator



You can CATCH the leadership opportunities





Here is a challenge for you: Take out a piece of paper that you can keep with you all week and use it to note the leadership opportunities that you come across during the coming week.

E.g. Someone asks for your help, someone should have, but does not ask for help (instead he or she wastes time struggling alone), someone performs well and deserves to be noticed, certain team members are not supportive of each other, a procedure is ineffective, a decision-making process falters, etc.Take out a piece of paper that you can keep with you all week. At the end of each day of this week, note the leadership opportunities that you came across during that day.

Don’t stress yourself to make sure you take the ideal action in every situation. Praise yourself when you do so. However, everything starts with awareness, and this is an exercise in just that. A way of tuning in your radar.

Share with us what you find …


Written by Karin Zastrow

March 12, 2012 at 11:21

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