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The Yin and Yang of everyday leadership

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I frequently come across people who want to discuss whether I do right or wrong, when I use the term ”leadership” as opposed to management.

The short answer is that I consider the two as inseparable and intertwined to a degree that resembles the Yin/Yang principle and makes that distinction absurd.

Moreover, my aim is to create clarity for the people whose jobs are to lead and manage others.

Consequently, I choose to focus on what the reality looks like and how I may be instrumental in creating clarity and guidance to those same people. Creating ways in which they may feel competent because they have a clear picture of their jobs – and secure because they can actually manage the expectations from their surroundings.

And to do so I have never found the leadership/management distinction very helpful.

Instead I distinguish between what I label as ”roles”, i.e. a set of responsibilities of which I must always be aware. And ”styles” which are set of different ways to interact with people, depending on the leader’s intention.

Now…. to me this is so obvious.

Somebody please explain to me, why we keep having that other discussion…


Written by Karin Zastrow

May 6, 2012 at 19:43

Posted in Misc

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