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Do you carry intent … to lead?

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It really should go without saying, shouldn’t it?

Well, experience has taught me that very few things ”go without saying”. One thing that certainly needs to be spelled out is to that people who become promoted into leadership positions need to make certain mind-shifts starting with finding within themselves the intent to lead.

Before we reach managerial positions that involve leading others, we do well by carrying an intent to serve others. The better we serve others (superiors, organizations, society at large) the more successful and/or treasured we become.  This intent should always stay with us. No matter how far we go in our careers, the valued leaders are those who demonstrate that they are still in the business of serving.

However, having transitioned to become leaders – even if only for a handful of people – we must also find within ourselves an intent to lead.

Good everyday leadership as I define it consists of understanding an array of  7 leadership roles, mastering 4 essential leadership styles – and knowing that exercising leadership happens in “windows” that I call leadership opportunities. Instances that play out between you and your staff or among them, which call for mostly undramatic but intentional interventions from your side.

However behind all of the above the one thing, that must fuel your actions, is a clear intent.

If requires intent to learn to lead, to make yourself aware of your roles, to notice and take action when a leadership opportunities comes your way – and to select and demonstrate in which way you want to take action.

Only in this way can you be congruent and exercise your leadership with clarity and consistency and compassion.

And only to the degree that you do so will your employees in their hearts accept you as their leader.


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