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Doing our best in 2013

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When a close relative recently suffered a severe stroke I was given occasion to reflect on the notion of “doing one’s best” in life. 
At times we tell people ”just do your best, that’s all I ask of you”.
At other times we complain that someone ”could have done better”.
At still other times we comfort people by suggesting that a third party ”was really not doing his or her best”.
In fact, the topic was accentuated once more just this morning. 
My husband and I are on vacation. We got up at 4 am, left a warm and sunny Bangkok in favor of a rainy, chilly Vietnam (Hanoi). On the way to our hotel, I must admit, that I was having second thoughts about the brilliance of my plan to leave Thailand in favor of this. 
Nonetheless, the very second our taxi stopped, my mood was changed by a staff that literally jumped out in the street to welcome us and stopped the traffic in order to usher us inside like we were their treasured and long awaited friends finally arriving. If I have ever seen a hotel staff doing their best to make two people feel significant and welcome this was it. And immediately Hanoi looked like a good idea again.
But what does ”doing one’s best” really mean? 
I believe that in life as in everyday leadership, it means two complementary things: a) applying what we already know to the best of our ability and b) continually seeking to expand our abilities. 
So in what way will you be doing your best in terms of everyday leadership this year? 
By applying what you already know to the best of your ability?  
Or by expanding your ability to interact effectively with your staff? 
Clearly, some hotel manager must have exercised excellent everyday leadership for an entire staff to apply everything they already knew to render the service experience we had this morning. 
What would it look like for you to inspire and ensure that same level of quality from your staff?

If you plan for it now, 2013 could be the year when your everyday leadership performance and your staff excel …


Written by Karin Zastrow

January 3, 2013 at 06:03

Posted in Misc

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