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Much has been said and written about Generation Y as a work force.

Personally, I have recently begun to ask myself whether we are looking at some traits relevant to a particular group of employees only, or if we are experiencing a general trend that is just more apparent among the children of the 80’ies.

If so, it is not useful to single out one group of employees as particularly difficult to lead.

On the contrary, the sooner we get our arms around leading an entire workforce with those characteristics the better.

Let us look at some of the generally quoted traits about Generation Y:

–       They are plugged-in 24/7.

–       They treasure time off over work.

–       They are very ambitious and achievement-oriented.

–       They crave attention in the form of praise and reassurance.

–       They value teamwork more than any previous generation

Admittedly, these characteristics seem more manifest the younger the crowd, we are observing. But that said, take another look. Who can honestly say that the five statements do not increasingly apply among themselves and their colleagues?  And, seriously, what new trend did not initially catch hold among the 20-25 year olds?

My belief is that our kids are just embracing a new global trend faster than their parents. A trend that has is rapidly taking hold among everyone who holds a place in the global workforce.

This is why the new narrative about the leadership deliverables – the day-to-day efforts of each manager with 3 or more subordinates – is needed more and more every day.


Written by Karin Zastrow

June 25, 2013 at 16:44

Posted in Misc

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