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Connecting the dots

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Connecting the dots…

Remember from your childhood those drawing books where each page had a series of numbered dots ? And we were to connect the dots in such a way that a recognizable figure would appear?

This morning I took my friend and business partner, Monica Diaz, to the airport.

Monica is the owner of Quidam Global in Mexico, a consulting and training company focused on helping their clients to create healthy corporate cultures. Monica was here for a week and during her stay we bounced off a lot of stuff, and since she is a first-mover when it comes to new technology, a lot of our discussions centered around how I could learn from her in relation to internet-tools. As we were wrapping up our week we agreed that her help very much consisted in helping me connect a number of dots that I was well aware of but did not know how to connect, such as how one web tool can boost several others and how this application may link to others, etc.

After seeing Monica disappear through airport security, the notion of connecting the dots stayed with me, and my mind began to revolve around leadership.

Connecting the dots is what leaders at all levels must do: help their employees to see how things connect in their work and in their organizations. Sometimes by simply telling, sometimes by coaching and at other times by calling to halt and/or a time-out to reflect: Wait a minute, this is/is not how we want to interact with this client, let us check if this move is in synch with our mission, are we sure this is how we want to collaborate, etc.

In most of the world this is vacation time, but within weeks everybody should be back to work again.

What are the dots that you need to help your employees connect?

By the way – if you once thought these games were fun, here is an advanced version. Have fun with it today. Put the result on your poster board (you can always pretend you got it from a kid you know) – and you will never forget this important element of your job. viewer


Written by Karin Zastrow

July 29, 2013 at 17:58

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  1. Kaere Karin, tak for din sidste nyhedsmail – connecting the dots

    vi har netop f?et tilsagn p? at k?re et Hverdagsledelse kursus hos en af vores kunder – p? engelsk! Har du mon en meget kort introduktion – a la den vi har p? dansk – liggende p? engelsk, som jeg kan sende som en kort praesentation for den engelske leder, som skal godkende tilbuddet. Det haster:-)

    Bedste hilsner Lene ________________________________ Fra: KARIN ZASTROW Sendt: 29. juli 2013 19:39 Til: Lene Eriknauer Emne: [New post] Connecting the dots

    Karin Zastrow posted: “Connecting the dots… Remember from your childhood those drawing books where each page had a series of numbered dots ? And we were to connect the dots in such a way that a recognizable figure would appear? This morning I took my friend and business”


    Lene Eriknauer

    July 30, 2013 at 15:43

    • Det kan du tro. Jeg ser først din post lige nu, men tager fat i det med det samme 🙂


      Karin Zastrow

      July 30, 2013 at 16:31

  2. I always did love connect-the-dots games growing up! And I also find that refreshing with vacations or change-of-activity will help to connect more of them! You are a great thinker and I am honored to work with you. Your dot-connecting will go a long way and I am happy to be a witness to it. See you soon in Mexico.


    Monica Diaz

    July 31, 2013 at 14:18

    • Hi Monica,
      Thx for the comment. You know as a child I used to feel connecting the dot games were cheating, that I had to create the dots myself. it is not until far into adulthood that I learned to appreciate having others show me how things connect. Mhm… I wonder if there are others out there like I used to be? Thinking “it can’t be this easy”, and therefore choosing to struggle alone…


      Karin Zastrow

      July 31, 2013 at 16:45

      • …hey, I’m guessing a lot! I don’t think worthwhile things are necessarily “easy”, but they are simple. They become easy because they play to your strengths, and can be done in a natural way. What must be behind this, though, is the discipline and constance to follow through on the action. You’ve gotta drag that pencil! 🙂


        Monica Diaz

        August 1, 2013 at 08:08

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