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But your model is quite complex….

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Sometimes we hear this concern voiced by HR-managers.

Either because they have been the people who first took an interest in our model or because they have been asked by management to give their opinion.

The flaw in the statement is that it is not the model, which is complex. The job of being a manager is.

This also explains why this is rarely a concern of the actual participants in our training programs.

On the contrary, they enjoy the model because they find that in fact it embraces the complexity of their work. A complexity that they would love to be recognized for handling well and supported in doing better.

I have blogged about my model in relation to Henry Mintzberg’s work before. I just came across an old article titled ”The Five Minds of a Manager”  (same title as a book by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg published in 2003). The article is  copyright protected, so I will not share it here, but  if you click here you will get to a site take you to a site from which you can read or print your own copy.

All right, it is an old article and the Direct Leadership model addresses the job deliverables of managers in relation to their employees whereas Gosling/Mintzberg in the article embrace the entire job of the manager.

However, the 10 years since the article was published have only made the overall message even more important.

It is time to recognize the complexity of the managerial work and help managers to handle it instead of pretending the opposite and waste their time in training programs that do not help them embrace their entire job!


Written by Karin Zastrow

August 8, 2013 at 11:23

Posted in Misc

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