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4 days ago I landed in Shanghai Pudong Airport.

2,5 years of frequent visits to China has now been replaced by a 6 month intensive stay here.

One of the things I hope to document during this stay is how a language that defines the direct leadership deliverables in an organisation will improve that organisation’s ability to implement its strategies and retain talented employees.

China’s growth in recent years combined with the demographic development and a strong emphasis that especially the younger generations are well-educated has put pressure on the need for managers to be truly competent in direct day-to-day leadership.

Not so long ago Chinese products were renowned for low price produced by a workforce of unskilled and low paid production workers. Now China is both developing and producing hi-tech and high quality products and labor is highly skilled and highly ambitious.

As a result, neither Chinese nor international corporations can afford the luxury of a relaxed approach to defining the leadership deliverables. Employees in the East are requiring not quite, but almost the same sort of leadership as employees in West – that is if they are to compete in the global hi-tech/hi-quality market.

In the past the probability of stumbling upon a good direct leader has been comparable to buying a lottery ticket. The chance of being lucky is there, but the likelihood of drawing a blank is infinitely higher.

My Direct Leadership model offers a remedy for this predicament. A simple model that focuses on deliverables as defined by a) a set of responsibilities, b) four essential 21st century leadership styles and c) the awareness of the opportunistic nature of being a leader: You have to catch the leadership opportunities when they appear!

Put the three ingredients together and you have a language for defining, measuring and developing the backbone of your organization – a well-defined set of leadership deliverables that may bridge both cultural and hierarchical divides.

This what I claim. I have seen it work in small scale trials with cross-cultural and cross-hierarchical groups.

If I am able to conduct some larger scale experiments during the coming six months (which I am confident will prove my points) my time here will be well spent.


Written by Karin Zastrow

January 7, 2014 at 15:54

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  1. Well if you need some help I am available…



    January 8, 2014 at 16:22

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