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Taking leadership out of the closet!

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For years, the practices involved in delivering leadership have remained undefined and treated like a taboo.

We do not talk about each others’ way of leading, and we remain quiet about our concerns related to being leaders. Much in the same way most people avoid being open about their sexual preference. Whatever concerns or questions  we have had in handling our leadership responsibilities they have been locked away firmly in individual “leadership closets” and treated with a sort of territorial behavior. I do not cross the line to your turf, you do not cross the line to mine. 

For this reason, being a leader has often been a lonely job. Leaders struggle alone with the concerns and doubts for fear that doing otherwise they will be judged as incompetent or as having a personality unfit for the job. In particular he or she will not open the issue before his/her peers and bosses. However, this need not be so.

Lately my lectures on Direct Leadership have revolved around the advantages of focus on deliverables as opposed to competencies or personality traits. When  we can disconnect the discussion of relevant leadership measures from being a matter of competencies and personalities and change it to dealing with deliverables, then it is no longer stigmatizing to ask for help, it is simply a matter of taking care of business – the business of leading people.

Want to be part of the quest to “take leadership out of the closet”. Shift perspective and start focusing on leadership deliverables. The value of such a shift cannot be overestimated.


Written by Karin Zastrow

January 31, 2014 at 13:00

Posted in Misc

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