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Edgar Schein: On the concept of helping

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I like to think that leaders need to help their employees do their work. In essence that is what the Direct Leadership model is all about.

However, leaders and employees travel on a two-way street. The leader is equally dependent on creating a trust-based working climate in which the employees freely offer their help and their observations. 

Which is why Direct Leadership does not only preach what the leader’s responsibilities are. We also stress that the LEADERSHIP DELIVERABLES are brought across the board in the style in which a leader interacts with his/her employees. In fact we do preach that two of the 4 leadership styles (CATCHER and COACH) are entirely dependent on the leader’s ability to make employees feel safe enough to share their thoughts and concerns freely. 

Now instead of personally elaborating this topic I will share with you a video.

It is a few years old, but puts it very well. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…. Dr. Schein

If the video does not appear in the blogpost, you may also try one of the below links:



PS!: James Høpner: Thank you for yet another inspiration that you freely share with me and others! 



Written by Karin Zastrow

September 2, 2014 at 08:03

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