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Finding 5 errors – even a few more? 

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The following is a true story. It describes an incident that took place recently in a MNC that consider themselves successful because they are quality driven and innovative.

An employee had just come back from visiting a client in X-country together with the local colleagues. He had been sent there urgently to troubleshoot a problem that had proven difficult to solve. This was not his first stab at doing so. In fact it was the 3rd or 4th time he had been called to help out in this particular matter.

The incident took place on his second day back in headquarters, when he was called into the CEO’s office. ”I see you are back from X-country” said the CEO ”Why don’t you come along to my office and tell me how you see the situation?”

As per the CEO’s request, the employee sat down and – encouraged by the CEO – began to give his honest opinion, i.e. that he believed the product in question had some serious design flaws and that the market projections for this product were completely off the mark.

10 minutes into listening the CEO interrupted him with these words:

Stop! Don’t say anymore. What you are telling me is not what I want to hear. I have an R&D team as well as a business development team down the hall. They have made these projections and I trust them. I don’t need to hear more from you. Let us just end this meeting.

Now, if this was the only time I had heard something like this, I would not care too much. But unfortunately this case does not stand alone.

This is why I ask for your help.

Please send me your reaction and thoughts, especially including what you consider the leadership error(s) that this CEO commit.

In return, I promise that one week from now I will compile the replies and publish the result.



Written by Karin Zastrow

October 21, 2014 at 05:38

Posted in Misc

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  1. THe person invited to be open to the employe, and then close down the conversation as not useful. He should LISEN and include the RESEARCH team to the conversation.
    Asking someone to be honest and then nullify the person is the great SIN many managers commit!


    Jorge Angel Diaz Lopez

    October 22, 2014 at 05:25

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