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Employee Satisfaction Surveys – what are they really for?

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Last month I invited you to join me in a Find 5 Errors exercise.

Here comes a summary of the comments:

  • What is the VP of HR’s business of sending this message to each employee?
  • Would have been OK if addressed to the leaders
  • Whose goal is this? The VP of HR’s?
  • Is the aim of an ee satisfaction survey a high score or an honest score?
  • Shouldn’t this VP rather spend his efforts on increasing the satisfaction and then wait for the result.

In other words…

The first thing that strikes us is the fact that the plea goes to the employees.

This gives cause to reflect on the goal of measuring employee satisfaction in the first place.

Is it a measure taken to identify areas of improvement that would not otherwise become apparent? Or are they made to show off?

The answer should obviously be the first option, however with his plea the VP of HR makes it look like the aim is to show a good score.

Now, it is understandable that HR would like to see a good result, because it would reflect positively on the quality of the HR work done in the organization.

However, even this understanding does not justify an appeal to the employees.

Instead, the appeal should have been addressed to the company’s managers. After all HR and the people who lead and manage the employees are the two parties whose joint efforts can influence the working climate and hence the employee satisfaction.

Except in this case, the timing is wrong.

If the appeal were to be a call to the managers, then it should come AFTER the result was known and with some advice on how to improved next year’s result.

In conclusion … dear VP of HR… you should have the results of your survey by this time.

Now start working with your managers. See to it that they understand how a working climate and employee satisfaction is built day-by-day through clarity and consistency in direct leadership. Maybe throw in a survey of direct leadership performance. I promise this will improve next year’s results and you will regain the respect and trust of the employees!



Written by Karin Zastrow

November 6, 2015 at 12:06

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  1. Can you send me again the start for this conversations. Of 5 ERR…ç

    What was the original question asked to employees..




    November 6, 2015 at 18:41

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